How do I add test results to my Reporting tool?

  1. Click on the assay tab with the name of the test data you want to add. For example, if you want to add cannabinoid data, click the cannabinoids tab. For pesticide data, click the pesticides tab, etc...

  2. Data entry is done primarily by manual entry, copy and paste, or instrument file import

  3. If you are adding final computed data manually, then input the data in the respective analyte column, under the desired reporting assay tab

  4. If you are copying from an outside spreadsheet and pasting into the Reporting tool, please paste data into the raw data entry columns

  5. If you are importing file from instrument output, please reference How do I upload with Importer Tool?

  6. Since every lab's data entry process is a little different, please contact us if you need any specific help at