How do I create Reports with my Reporting tool?

  1. Go to the Samples tab

  2. Find the Samples you want to report and select "Yes" from the dropdown in the white column called Ready to Report?

  3. Click the Lab Menu button in the menu bar at the top

  4. Click Create Reports

  5. Wait until the small yellow box at the top center of the screen says "Running Script". This may take a few minutes if you are creating several reports at once, so go get a cup of coffee or tell someone how much you love Confident LIMS. Once complete, you'll see "TRUE" under the Uploaded column and "Queued" under the Report Created? column

  6. The draft reports are automatically created with the photos and reportable test results, and uploaded to the corresponding Sample in Confident LIMS

  7. Your reports are not published to your Client until you click the Complete button in Confident LIMS on the Order page

  8. Only In Progress Samples will appear when clicking Update so make sure all the Samples you want to report are in the red stage in Confident LIMS

  9. To view your draft reports before you publish them to your Client, see How do I view the draft data?