How do I filter and customize my Sample data reports in the Data Explorer?

Data Explorer gives you a visual snapshot of your Sample data, and a closer look into your Samples across clients and orders — all in one place.

Topics covered in this article:

How to find your Sample Reports

1. Go to Samples in the menu bar to the left.
2. Click Data Explorer under Samples or click here to go to Data Explorer.
3. Click on the Report you want to open under Data Explorer.

Pro Tip: Need to edit a Sample? Just click the blue sample number link, to navigate directly to the Sample.

How to filter a Sample Report

1. Click the top row above the table to open the filters.
2. Select the filters you want to apply. You can change which Samples to view and filter by date range, Client, Order number, matrix Category and Type, Status, and more.

3. Your selected filters will be visible at the top of the filter window next to Filters.
4. Click Apply.

How to customize a Sample Report

Create a custom Pivot Table

Use the Pivot Table to aggregate your data and get insights into test results for a particular client over time, Assay failures compared to passes over time, and more.

1. Click the More Options icon at the top right corner of the table.
2. Click Edit Pivot under More Options to create a custom Pivot Table.

3. Set up your Pivot Table.

4. Click the "X" in the top right corner to close the My Pivot Settings window.

Customize columns in a Sample Report

Lab users can customize the columns in a Sample Report to suit your needs.

1. Click the Columns dropdown to see a full list of all possible data fields.
2. Select the fields you want to view as columns in the report.
3. Click Save.

Once your columns has been set, the column setting will be saved for this report. The next time you log in, the report will still have the columns you previously selected. Column settings are saved individually for each Lab user.