How do I integrate with METRC, BioTrack, or Leaf?

  1. Go to Orders in the menu bar and select New Order

  2. Under Begin New Order, select Add Sample from METRC

  3. From your METRC portal, log into your account. In the top right of their website, click the dropdown and select API Keys. Copy your API key

  4. Return back to Confident LIMS website. Now paste the API key into Login to METRC popup and enter your facility’s license. Note: You will remain logged into METRC, until you log out via Confident LIMS

  5. Enter the METRC sample tag number. Verify that the information populated corresponds with correct sample

  6. The new sample will auto populate METRC information. Now input the remaining information about the sample and the desired test package. Select ‘+ From METRC’

  7. Select the Subcontracted Test checkbox

  8. Finish check out process

  9. Note: In Samples there is a column labeled METRC, where if grey = not a METRC sample, if orange = METRC tag provided, but submitted to METRC, if green = sample submitted to METRC

  10. For more help, please watch our recorded tutorial here