Add a METRC API key

Adding a METRC API Key to your Confident LIMS account will help you save time when creating Lab Orders. If you have multiple people on your team working in METRC, make sure to add their keys too to take full advantage of our METRC integrated features

In order to access your METRC API Key, use the following steps.

Step 1. Log into METRC

Go to, click More in the main menu, and select your state to log into your account with your username and password.

Step 2: Go to the API Keys page

Click on your user profile in the top right-hand corner of the screen and select API Keys from the dropdown.

Step 3: Copy your API Key

Copy your API Key (right-click the very long character string to copy easily). If you don't have one, you can generate a new key from here.

Step 3. Add your API Key to your CC account

Go to your Organization Settings and then click the Regulators tab, or click here for a shortcut. If you're coming from Wholesale, you will be navigated to our Lab Testing tool where some of your company settings are configured. Click the Add New Regulator Credential to add your key.

Paste your API Key and give it a nickname so you can easily tell each key apart in case your team adds multiple keys. You can also select to restrict the key to the current user (i.e. you). This means that only you will be able to use it to access the data in METRC associated with your key.

Click Submit to save your Key. We will automatically check that your key is valid and that it's associated with a license in your account.