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How do I report a problem?

Where to report issues

We are sorry that you have experienced a problem with Confident LIMS! If you have a problem with your lab testing service, please contact your lab directly. If you have a technical issue such as a configuration problem or things you would like to change within your account then please contact our support team at support@confidentlims.com or via phone at +1 866 506 5866.

Confident LIMS Users agree to deal with and negotiate with each other directly. It is our policy to avoid direct involvement in disagreements between Users. If you have a potential dispute with another User and you are unable to resolve the issue with them directly after good faith efforts, you may contact us through this contact form. We want our Users to have the most positive experience possible on our platform although we cannot guarantee a satisfactory resolution in every case.

Confident LIMS strives to provide a trustworthy and reliable service but does not participate in transactions or guarantee the behavior of other users. However, we will respond as quickly as possible to your report.