Print Vial Labels

To print a vial label:

Step 1: Log into Confident Cannabis

Log into Confident LIMS and go to your account.

Step 2: Find the Sample

Go to the Samples List, or click here for a shortcut. Use the search/filter to find the Sample you want to print a label for.

Click on the Sample to go to the Sample page.

Alternatively, you can find the Sample through the Order that the Sample is for. Click here to go to your Orders.

Step 3: Select the type of vial label to print

Click on the type of vial label you want to print. Choose between a Large Vial Label or a QR Code Label.

If you found the Sample through the Order, go to the Order detail page and click Actions to the left of the Sample. Then select the type of vial label to print in the list of actions.

Step 4: Download and print the vial label

To print a Large Vial Label:

Click the printer icon to print the label. Alternatively, click Download to download the label file and print it from your laptop.

To print a QR Code Label:

Right click on the QR code image and choose Save Image As... to download the label and print it from your laptop.

If you need a smaller or larger label size, update the field with "150" and set it to your desired image size. Then press generate. QR codes are square images so the width and height will be the same.

You can print as many vial labels as you like.